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What You Need to Know About Preparing Your HVAC for a Snow Storm

For those of us hoping to avoid the need for heating and cooling repair in Jefferson Park, we’re going to need to prepare our HVAC system for a snowstorm. Without proper preparation, snow storms can wreak havoc on your HVAC. And if your system breaks down during a bad storm, it may take some time to get heating and cooling repair in Jefferson Park on the scene.

The result is an uncomfortably cold experience for you and your family. So don’t take any risks with your HVAC before a snow storm. Educate yourself so you can prepare—here’s what you’ll need to know.

Insulate Pipes

When it freezes, water expands, and when water freezes in your pipes, those pipes burst. At best, this results in a small spill and a hefty repair bill. At worst, you’ll need to pay for repair plus all the expensive damage that gallons of gushing water can do to your home. That’s why you need to insulate your pipes. Insulation is easy to install and you can purchase it at any home improvement store. If you can’t buy insulation, even using newspaper to wrap the pipes will help.

Check on Your Backup Generator

Big snowstorms tend to be harsh on any city’s power grid. Power lines go down and the power goes out. So you want to make sure your backup generator is in good working condition. Just make sure you read and follow the directions of your manufacturer when you’re checking or operating a portable generator.

Keep Snow and Ice Clear of Outdoor Units

Just like you shovel the driveway so your cars can get out, you should shovel and otherwise clear the area around any outdoor HVAC units. This will make sure snow and/or ice is not preventing ideal airflow or stopping the unit from defrosting itself.

Have your Unit Inspected 

The single best thing you can do to avoid needing heating and cooling repair in Jefferson Park during the dead of winter is to call an HVAC professional. An HVAC technician can inspect your unit and identify any issues with it before it’s too late.

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