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Unique Ways to Lower Your Home’s Humidity

There are tons of positives about summers in Chicago, but the high levels of humidity can easily put a damper on all of the excitement. The last thing you want when you go outside is to immediately start to feel your hands get clammy and your forehead start to sweat. If you have already received an air conditioner repair in Ravenswood and your home is still uncomfortably humid, try a combination of the following techniques to see if they are effective in lowering the humidity levels and providing a more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Take Shorter, Colder Showers

For many, warm showers are ideal regardless of the outside temperature. However, long, hot showers inevitably produce a lot of steam that impacts the indoor humidity levels. Aim to take showers that are shorter and colder to help keep humidity levels low. You can also crack a window and keep the fan on longer after your shower to minimize the effects.

Dry Your Clothes Outdoors

If your dryer doesn’t work well and leaves your clothes damp or if you simply don’t have a dryer at all, try to dry your clothes outside as opposed to inside. Hanging your wet clothes inside will increase the humidity levels, especially in rooms where there is not a lot of ventilation.

Replace Your Rug

Rugs naturally collect moisture when the humidity levels are high, which can result in your rug becoming damp or developing mold. If possible, send your rug to the cleaners to have it professionally cleaned. You can also try to find a rug that is made from more breathable material so that moisture does not get trapped.

Charcoal Briquettes

Did you know that something as simple as charcoal briquettes can help minimize humidity? They naturally have absorption properties and they last for 2-3 months at a time. Head to your local home improvement store and look for coconut shell charcoal because it has high absorption qualities.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is another alternative to reducing humidity levels without a dehumidifier. Rock salt draws and stores water molecules from the surrounding environment. Simply take two plastic tubs that are the same size and place an object in one to elevate the second tub. Drill holes in the second tub and fill it with rock salt, then put the second tub in the first tub. In a few days, check the bottom tub to see water that has been pulled from the air.

Try the above tricks to decrease humidity levels in your home! You should also contact our team if you’re in need of an air conditioner repair in Ravenswood.