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The Furnace Installation Process

As a heating and cooling company in Avondale, we get a lot of questions about the furnace installation process, which we’re always glad to answer. After all, understanding the full scope of what needs to happen to install a furnace that works well for your needs is key to ensuring that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. 

So if you’re looking for a quick guide on the furnace installation process, this page is the right place to be.

Furnaces 101

Most problems have several solutions… heating your home is no different. Throughout the United States, homeowners use electric, gas, and oil furnaces. A furnace heats air and then blows that heated air through the ducts in your home. Keep in mind that some homes are heated by boilers rather than furnaces, but we’re talking about furnace installation so we’ll leave boilers aside for now.

First thing’s First: Choosing a Furnace

Before installation begins, you need to choose a furnace. An expert from a heating and cooling company in Avondale can help you choose one but it’s important to keep in mind that electric, gas, and oil furnaces each have their benefits and drawbacks. For example, electric furnaces are generally more effective in moderate climates and can be expensive to operate, however, the maintenance and installation cost is less than that of oil furnaces.

Installing the Furnace

Once you’ve chosen the type of furnace you want, you’ll need to find a location that’s suitable for the furnace. The location must have enough room for the unit’s clearance and ventilation specifications. An expert from a heating and cooling company in Avondale like American Home Heating and Air Conditioning should be on hand to help you make other space considerations. For example, if the furnace is going into a basement, it’s important to make sure it is clear of any potential floodwater. You’ve also got to make sure that the furnace is placed somewhere so that its duct, drain, pipes, electric supply, and gas supply will run where you want it to.

Once you’ve chosen a location, an expert can connect the ducting system, vent pipes, gas supply, electric supply, and condensate drain.

Final Check of Furnace Installation

Even the most seasoned HVAC technicians understand how important it is to run the unit and check for any gas leaks or drainage problems. During the final check, a heating expert will check your temperature outputs to ensure the unit is operating as it should be. Once that’s done, you’re ready to enjoy your (heated) home again.