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Signs You Need an HVAC Repair

Your HVAC system plays an essential role in the comfort of your everyday life. If there is a problem with your heating and cooling in Irving Park, this is something that you’ll want to address right away. Thanks to our services at American Home Heating, quality yet affordable HVAC services are only a phone call away!

Knowing that part of your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly isn’t always obvious. Be on the lookout for these signs that something is wrong.

Your Energy Bill Skyrockets

Paying drastically more for your energy bill every month isa big red flag that something is wrong. While it is typical for there to be small fluctuations, there should not be big jumps in your payments. If you are experiencing this, make sure that you call our team at American Home Heating to make sure your HVAC system is working properly. If you choose to ignore the high bills, it could result in more damage down the road.

Odd Noises & Smells

If you think something is off with your HVAC system, you may notice an odd smell or a strange sound. Clanking, grinding or pounding should never be accepted as the norm. You’ll want to schedule a maintenance check for your system. The noise may be a minor issue, but you never know until you get it checked out by a professional. For example, moldy smells may be a sign of water leaks. If you smell gasoline, make sure to call us as soon as possible!

The Age of Your Furnace and Boiler

While proper care and attention to your furnace and boiler can help extend their life, it’s unavoidable that at some point, you’ll need to get a replacement. Make sure that you start the looking process for these items sooner than you may think, as it can take some time. You don’t want to be stuck without heat when you need it most.

Lots of Repairs

You don’t want to keep dumping money into repairs for heating and cooling in Irving Park. At a certain point, you may have to throw in the towel and opt to get a new system. It will end up being worth it to buy a new system rather than continuously putting money into your old system.

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