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Reasons to Use a Programmable Thermostat

When it comes to your HVAC needs, just about every decision boils down to two main factors: comfort and cost. So anything that helps you be more comfortable saves you money on your heating and cooling bill, or both is something you should consider. Not surprisingly then, the decision to use a programmable thermostat comes down to reasons related to cost and comfort.

But programmable thermostats are relatively new in the HVAC world so as a heating and cooling company in Avondale, we can help you understand the benefits of this HVAC innovation.

Cost Savings

As Compact Appliance notes, programmable thermostats allow you to save as much as 2 percent on monthly utility costs for each degree you lower or raise your home’s temperature. These devices allow you to plan the settings of the thermostat based on your heating and cooling needs. For example, if everyone leaves your home on the weekdays, you can set a programmable thermostat to lower the temperature automatically during the times that no one is in the house.

Programmable Thermostats Make Your Home More Efficient

We tend to focus solely on the cost savings we get to enjoy from a programmable thermostat but efficiency is about more than just saving a few bucks. Because this type of thermostat makes your home more efficient, it reduces your impact on the environment, which is good for everyone.

Less Wear and Tear on Your System

Chances are, with a programmable thermostat, you can reduce the number of calls you need to make to a heating and cooling company in Avondale. That’s because programmable thermostats make for more stable, efficient heating and cooling. Rather than putting stress on your system by cranking it up after it’s been off for a while, you can program your thermostat to gradually heat up before you come home. This makes for longer lasting equipment.


If you want to be energy-efficient with a traditional thermostat, you’re going to be doing a lot of manual adjusting. Before you leave for the day, when you get home from work, and when you go to bed, you’ll need to adjust the traditional thermostat. This is not so with the programmable thermostat. Just set it and forget it.

Curious About Programmable Thermostats?

As a heating and cooling company in Avondale, we can help with any questions you have about programmable thermostats. Just give us a call at (773)736-7800.