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Indoor Air Quality

No home is immune to indoor air quality problems. New homes tend to have higher concentrations of chemicals.

Older homes can be breeding grounds for mold and mildew. All homes, despite clean appearance, are contaminated with dirt and dust. American Home Heating can offer a solution to whatever problem you’re having with your home’s air. We offer a wide selection of indoor air quality products. From industry leading air purification and high efficiency filtration systems to whole house humidification systems professionally sized to fit your home. American Home Heating has the experience and quality of products to correct and improve the air quality of any home.

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, during spring and fall, and most are caused by pollen or mold spores. In fact up to 72 trillion allergens enter your home every day. There is one thing in every home; no matter how clean, that collects all of these allergens.


With an estimated forty pounds of accumulation per year dust is the magnet for all these allergens that can cause unbearable symptoms to the minor nuisance.

Hepa Filtration System

This system acts like a vacuum, drawing air out of the return duct, cleaning it and then cycling it back into your home. It’s like having a year round duct cleaner. Some customers refer to this devise as an air wash system, and in fact that’s exactly what this system does, washes air. (Catches 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns or larger)

Electronic Air Cleaners

This system works by charging particles. Air flowing through your return duct work will pass through a three filter system. The first filter catches the large particles such as carpet fibers and dog hair. The second filter is a 4 inch filter which houses electrically charged ionizing wires which charge passing through with more then 8000 volts. A second series of Plates oppositely charged and collect the particles with a magnet like effect. If some reason any dust or mold particles pass through the first two filters a third filter is installed for added protection. (Catches 94% of particles 0.5 microns or larger)

Full Home Humidification

Dry air is a problem that can wreak havoc on your health and your home environment. It can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems, not to mention annoying static shocks. Dry air can damage home furnishings, making the wood in furniture and floors shrink, warp and crack. Fortunately, with a probably sized whole house humidifier, all these problems and easily be avoided.

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