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Quality HVAC Services in Avondale

Avondale winters and summers can be painful without the right HVAC system, but the changing seasons in Avondale are much more bearable when you utilize the services that American Home Heating and Air Conditioning can provide. American Home Heating and Air Conditioning offers a variety of air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services to improve the quality of life within your home year-round in Avondale.

Heating and Cooling in Avondale

Having air conditioning in Avondale is crucial, especially during the hot summers. Many cities were insufferable without air conditioning, but now living in Chicago, especially Avondale, is very comfortable during the warm temperatures. American Home Heating and Air Conditioning provides a range of services, including AC installation and AC repair, to always keep your home cool.

Winters in Avondale are quite chilly, but American Home Heating and Air Conditioning can you keep you warm during your everyday life through the installation of boilers and furnaces. It also important to note the signs of heating repair: high energy bill charges, odd noises and smells, an old furnace/boiler, and a mass number of repairs. If you notice these signs in your home, it is important to reach out to the technicians at American Home Heating and Air Conditioning for a heater replacement, heater repairs, or heater tune-ups.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Because the seasons vary so drastically, it is critical to use HVAC services to keep your indoor air quality high. American Home Heating and Air Conditioning can help to improve suffering from allergens by keeping your air fresh through improving dust, filtrating, installing electronic air cleaners, and humidifying your home. Without high air quality, dust build up within your home can accumulate to an estimated amount of forty pounds per year. By installing a hepa filtration system in your home in Avondale, the air will be drawn into the duct, cleansed, and circulated back into your home. This filtration system provides fresh air all year round inside in Avondale. Another service we provide is electronic air cleaners. Electronic air cleaners charge particles through three filters catching fibers and animal hair. Lastly, full home humidification can help to avoid dry air within your home in Avondale. Dry air can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues in addition to damaging home furnishings and finishes.

If you are in need of HVAC services in Avondale, American Home Heating and Air Conditioning will treat you honestly and fairly in addition to providing services at competitive prices.