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Unlike “the old days”, homeowners have many choices in furnaces to bring you heat and comfort.

The majority of the furnaces we sell now are two stage in design. A two-stage furnace minimizes up and down temperature changes, can substantially lower your energy bill, and the Carrier furnaces are the quietest in their class.

Furnace Repair Service AvondaleUnlike typical single stage furnaces, the two stage furnace has two levels of heating. Its like having two furnaces in one: a small furnace (first stage/ low heat) for mild days and a larger furnace (second stage/high heat) for extremely cold days. This minimizes temperature swings within your home. In fact these furnaces traditionally operate at low capacity 80 pct. of the time, it runs for longer periods and provides more even heat distribution.

American Home Heating also sells and services variable speed furnaces –these fan motors move at different speeds to precisely control the flow of air throughout your home. Better airflow control means a better balance of comfort. Carrier furnaces are the quietest furnaces on the market today. We also offer individual zoning options if applicable in your home.