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Why Is My Energy Bill So High In The Summer?

Many Americans see their energy bills increase in the summer months. With the air conditioning unit cranking, your bill might go up slightly, but if you recognize that your bill has gone up substantially then something may be wrong with your air conditioning unit in Avondale. Here are some things to check to ensure that your bill doesn’t continue to rise. If you noticed that your air conditioner is not functioning properly, contact American Home Heating today. 

Is the Thermostat Set Too Low?

A simple tip to lower your energy bill during the summer is making sure that your thermostat is not set too low. When you are away from home during the day, consider raising your thermostat up even just a couple degrees. The AC does not need to be cranking constantly all day long, at the same low temperature, to keep your home cool. 

It is also important to make sure that the uncomfortable temperature in your home isn’t being caused by excessive indoor humidity. In many cases humidity can make your home feel much warmer than it actually is, causing you to decrease the temperature on your thermostat. Keep your humidity regulated to avoid lowering your thermostat to unnecessary degrees. 

Is the Air Filter Clogged or Blocked?

If your air filter is clogged or dirty it can cause your air conditioner to work less efficiently, which can hike up your energy bill. To maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning unit in Avondale, be sure to regularly monitor the condition of your air filter so you can replace it when needed. If you cannot solve an efficiency issue on your own, contact our team at American Home Heating today!