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Small Energy-Saving Habits That Will Add Up

Like many other areas of life, the little things typically end up making the biggest difference. The same can be said for your monthly energy bill; little acts to cut back on energy go a long way when it comes to your monthly bill. Plus, who wouldn’t want to save some extra money, especially around the holidays? Even if you have an extremely energy-efficient HVAC system, keep these tips in mind in the upcoming months. 

Turn Off Lights

We all need light to see around the house, but leaving lights on long after you have left the room is a habit that you can easily change. Another trick that is helpful for saving energy on your lighting system is installing timers. If you have a consistent schedule or if you’re going out of town for a few days, light timers are very beneficial. 

Seal Your Doors & Windows

You’d be surprised how much cool air can seep through the windows or underneath the doorway in the wintertime. This means that your heating system has to work even harder in order to keep your family safe and comfortable. 

Go Ductless

While this may not be as minor of a switch as the others, going ductless allows you to better control the airflow in each room. More precision means there is less wasted energy, ultimately resulting in a lower monthly payment. Our team at American Home Heating is happy to help you go ductless when you’re ready!

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