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Saving Money on Your Heating Bill

‘Tis the season to cuddle up next to a fire in your favorite blanket. Unfortunately, making our homes a comfortable temperature can often result in high energy bills. At American Home Heating, we want to make your heating and cooling repair near Jefferson Park as affordable and efficient as possible. Here are some tips on how to save money on your heating bill this winter, all while staying comfortable.

Lower Your Thermostat

It may seem obvious but lowering your thermostat even one degree for a 24-hour period can save you as much as 3 percent on your heating bill. It is ideal to make this change while you are sleeping, so you are less likely to notice it. If you are still cold, invest in a heated blanket or wear multiple warm clothing layers.

Seal Your Chimney Flue

Having an open chimney flue is the equivalent of leaving your windows open when it is cold outside. You are letting a lot of warm air out of your home. Plus, you are simultaneously letting cold air inside.

Shut the Doors

If you don’t use a particular room in your home very much, why are you paying to heat it? This can add up and reflect in your energy bills. If you are in a particular room, make sure that you close the door to help trap the body heat.


What are your favorite ways to save money on your energy bill? If you need unexpected help this season, don’t hesitate to call on us for heating and cooling repair in Jefferson Park!