Pre-Winter Heater Tune-Up – Furnace Maintenance Tips

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Pre-Winter Heater Tune-Up

With frigid temperatures around the corner, now is the ideal time to receive furnace repair in Avondale so that you’re prepared for what’s to come. Those who procrastinate may find themselves in a panic when the peak of the season comes and there is an issue with their HVAC system. Our team at American Home Heating will gladly inspect your unit and make sure that it’s ready for the cold temperatures ahead!

Peace of Mind

Safety is always top of mind when we are helping our customers. Furnace malfunctions can be extremely dangerous to those in the household. For example, a cracked heater is capable of leaking carbon monoxide, which can be deadly to inhale. One way to reduce your risk of dangerous situations is by taking advantage of our inspections, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Extend Its Lifespan

Another benefit of a pre-winter inspection is that you’ll help extend the lifespan of your furnace. To put things in perspective, the average furnace lasts for about 15 years, but if you consistently take care of it, you may be able to get 20 years of life from it.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Finally, a quick inspection can also help improve your energy efficiency. In some cases, the changes are significant, saving you money all winter long!

Are you ready for a quick inspection before winter hits? Contact American Home Heating today for furnace repairs in Ravenswood.