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How Do Furnaces Work?

We rely on our furnaces to stay warm throughout the coldest winter days. As the temperatures continue to drop, our heating and cooling company in Avondale thought it would be beneficial for our customers to understand more information regarding how furnaces work. Did you know that space heating accounts for approximately 45 percent of U.S. homeowners’ energy bills?

You may not have a heating system that utilizes a furnace. Instead, you may use a boiler, heat pump or even active solar heating to keep your house warm. Many homes also use a hybrid heating system that combines different heating aspects to get the most energy efficiency.

What is It?

Furnaces are typically gas powered through a central air system, which heats air in one area of your home and distributes it throughout your home through a series of ductwork and vents. Your furnace is composed of different parts, including the control system, a gas valve, burners, heat exchangers, blower, and duct ventilation system.

Maintenance Tips

You want to get the most life out of your furnace that you can, so our heating and cooling company in Avondale suggests getting a professional tune-up at least once a year. You should also replace the furnace filter at least once every 90 days, roughly four times a year. It is also a good idea to check the flame color of your furnace around once a month. The flame should be blue with a small yellow tip. If you notice the flame color is off, call one of our professionals!

Make sure that you don’t operate electrical components if you smell gas!