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Candles and Your Indoor Air Quality

With the fall season upon us, more Americans are turning to candles to help create a cozy, homey feel inside of their homes. Plus, candles can make your home smell great as well! However, it is important to keep in mind how candles affect your indoor air quality. As providers of HVAC services in Jefferson Park, our team at American Home Heating understand firsthand the effects that candles have on the air that you breathe. An EPA study notes that some candles, especially ones that have added scents, can produce chemical reactions that release formaldehyde, acrolein, nitrogen dioxide and acetaldehyde in unsafe levels.

Soot Formation

Beyond the harmful chemical reactions that may occur, candles can also cause soot to form. Soot occurs when candles don’t completely burn, and it can stain your walls, ceilings and fabrics. Candles that are cheap or scented tend to create the most amount of soot. Soot is also responsible for producing ultrafine particles (UFPs) that can enter your lungs and cause health problems.

Protecting Your Home

It is unrealistic to think that you will never burn a candle in your home again. Instead, avoid burning candles in rooms that are unventilated, so harmful chemicals can dissipate. Also try to choose candles that are natural and made from beeswax, as they don’t contain as many chemicals as paraffin candles do. Try to only burn candles for 1-2 hours per day to minimize harmful effects.

Please contact our HVAC company in Jefferson Park if you have questions about burning candles and the safety of your air quality.