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Backup Power Generator Safety Tips

Before you search for HVAC near me in Ravenswood, you want to make sure your family and friends are safe. Because anyone who is in your house could be at risk if you own a backup power generator and you’re not taking certain safety precautions. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, the average year sees an average of 66 fatalities caused by generator mishaps.

While that might seem like a gloomy statistic, there is hope. Most of the injuries caused by generators are preventable. That means, if you educate yourself about HVAC near me in Ravenswood, particularly when it comes to backup power generators, you can avoid many of the safety issues that cause these unfortunate accidents.

Know the Dangers

The first and most important safety tip when it comes to backup generators is to be aware of the dangers. Most notably is that generators produce carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is both colorless and odorless, making it impossible for humans to detect. Because it produces carbon monoxide, you should never run backup power generators in an enclosed space.

Doing so can raise the level of carbon monoxide in your house to deadly levels in as fast as five minutes. But don’t think just because a generator isn’t in an enclosed space, it’s completely harmless. Go the extra step and make sure the generator is no less than 20 feet from your living space. Ensure that exhaust from the generator is flowing away from doors and windows.

Take Precautions

More than any other equipment provided by an HVAC near me in Ravenswood, backup power generators tend to pose a threat with carbon monoxide. Instead of relying on yourself or others to always remember, make the investment in a carbon monoxide alarm. This device works just like a smoke alarm except that it monitors the levels of carbon monoxide in your living space. That way, even though humans can’t sense it, carbon monoxide won’t fill up your house without anyone knowing it.

Don’t Plug the Generator into a Wall Outlet

Some people try to do this in an effort to power their home’s wiring. But as Consumer Reports points out, “This reckless and dangerous practice presents an electrocution risk to utility workers and neighbors.” Instead, plug appliances directly into the generator.

Want More Safety Tips?

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