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Small Energy-Saving Habits That Will Add Up

Like many other areas of life, the little things typically end up making the biggest difference. The same can be said for your monthly energy bill; little acts to cut back on energy go a long way when it comes to your monthly bill. Plus, who wouldn’t want to save some extra money, especially around […]

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The Best Types of Candles for Your Home

Candles are another form of comfort to combat the chilly, frigid Chicago winter. Before you reach for your next candle to light, consider switching to a candle that doesn’t only smell good, but won’t cause any damage to your home’s air quality. Put simply, some candles poison your air while others don’t cause any health […]

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Do I Need to Get My Furnace Repaired?

If you’re asking a search engine for furnace repair near me in Avondale, you’re probably looking for furnace repair services. But did you know that repairing your furnace may not actually be the best move for you?  Many of the folks we’ve worked with that searched for “furnace repair near me in Avondale” don’t realize […]

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Pre-Winter Heater Tune-Up

With frigid temperatures around the corner, now is the ideal time to receive furnace repair in Avondale so that you’re prepared for what’s to come. Those who procrastinate may find themselves in a panic when the peak of the season comes and there is an issue with their HVAC system. Our team at American Home […]

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Why You Should Always Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Regardless of the weather outside, it’s important to keep your air conditioning system functioning properly throughout the year. As your AC repair professionals serving Ravenswood, we want to make sure you know the proper ways to maintain your air conditioner year-round.  Change Your Filter Monthly One of the simplest and easiest steps to maintain your […]

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