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Repairing Your AC Unit

We all rely on our air conditioning unit to keep us cool in the midst of the dog days of summer. But just like any other appliance, your air conditioner won’t last forever. If you’re in need of AC repair near Avondale, our team at American Home Heating will step in and ensure your system is working for the warm days to come! A quick AC repair will have your system running smoothly, keeping you and your family comfortable for some time to come!

Our team often handles the following AC repairs:

A Clogged or Dirty Filter

It sounds simple, but a clogged filter can easily get in the way of using your AC. If you aren’t keeping up with routine filter cleanings and changes, the air coming from your AC unit will have to fight through the dust and grime in order to be effective. Check your unit and see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of how often to change your filter. Some units are monthly and others are every three months. If you aren’t sure where to begin with a filter change or cleaning, turn to our team at American Home Heating.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat controls the temperature throughout your home. In order to work as it should, your thermostat needs to be turned on, not positioned in the sunlight, and running on the correct setting. If all of the above are true and you are still having issues with your thermostat, there could be a more serious underlying issue.


Leaks, such as refrigerant leaks, will likely cause your unit to malfunction at some point. For example, if you notice that coolant has started to leak in the unit, the AC won’t work properly. Keep in mind that the location of the leak itself will impact how tedious and costly the repair will be.


The drain line can also be clogged with dirt, dust or lint. In this case, the drain pan will likely fill with water and could even overflow and cause further damage.

Breakers and Fuses

Overheating is another common problem of AC units. To prevent the unit’s motor from overheating, breakers or fuses step in and act as a safeguard. Our team will check on the breaker first if your motor is having issues.

The above are only a handful of examples of issues that we deal with. For further help and for more information, please call our team at American Home Heating today!